Waterproof Bags and Other Must-Have Kayak Accessories

Waterproof Bags and Other Must-Have Kayak Accessories

Waterproof bags, coolers, storage compartments... Kayak accessories have evolved quickly, and sometimes it seems complicated to find your way around. Some kayakers swear by a few particular accessories that they consider essential, while others find them superfluous. 

To avoid unnecessary clutter, the best thing to do is identify the type of outing you will be making and adapt your storage needs accordingly. A trip on the water to go camp on a remote island will not require the same gear as a fishing trip with friends at the cottage. 

When planning your outings on the water, keep in mind that a well-stocked space is easier to manage and that, ideally, you should prioritize kayak accessories with multiple functions.

Keep your gear dry with a waterproof bag

Available in various sizes, from 5 to 30 litres, a waterproof bag will keep your personal belongings safe from the elements and float on the water's surface in case of capsizing. In addition, adjustable shoulder straps make it easy to carry while leaving your hands free to grab your cooler or move your kayak to a safe spot. 

With their soft, lightweight construction, sturdy PVC waterproof bags fit easily into all types of kayaks. The practical design allows you to easily store your mobile phone in the water-resistant outer pocket without worrying about it getting damaged. In addition, integrated rings maximize the storage of your waterproof bag by allowing you to attach additional equipment with carabiners. 

Multi-purpose coolers

Designed to be versatile, the Exocool 10L waterproof bag serves as a cooler — ideal for keeping your day's catch cool or your drinks at just the right temperature. 

The 17-litre Exochill Pelican soft cooler can refrigerate your snacks while storing your favourite personal items. It can also be used as a seat, a practical option when inviting a friend to join you on the water while saving space. This way, you can enjoy your kayak without having to leave any gear at home!

Get the right fishing gear: never be without a milk crate

Like any good angler, you probably own a milk crate to store the gear you use most. Consider using our Exocrate fishing bag to facilitate transporting your handy milk crate while optimizing the storage of your favourite fishing tools.

When storage and compartment go hand in hand 

Make the most of your kayak by optimizing available space. Use the Exopak or Exopod 24 to complete the organization of your boat. Designed to be removable, the storage compartment will simplify your prep time by allowing you to add the equipment you want to bring on your next adventure in advance.

Find a kayak accessory to enhance all your outings on the water!

Exochill seat pack cooler

Exochill seat pack cooler

The Exochill Boat Seat with Cooler combines two essential elements of a fishing trip: a comfortable seat and something to drink! This 14L capacity cooler can also be used as a seat, allowing you to preserve space on your boat while sitting comfortably and hydrated on your next fishing venture.

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Exodry 30 L Waterproof Dry Bag

Exodry 30 L Waterproof Dry Bag

Our EXODRY 30L waterproof bag allows you to carry all your essential gear wherever you go. This large waterproof bag comes with comfortable backpack straps made of breathable, quick-drying padding to carry your gear easily and comfortably. A medium-sized, water-resistant outer zipper pouch allows you to store your essentials and keep them close at hand too. A reflective logo will make you more visible in low light conditions, and the built-in buckles are perfect for hanging extra gear. Made from tough, flexible and waterproof 500D PVC, our EXODRY 30L waterproof bag keeps your gear safe and dry no matter the weather.

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Exocrate fishing crate bag

Exocrate fishing crate bag

Get the most out of your milk crate with the Pelican EXOCRATE Fishing Bag. It can also be used without a crate, thanks to the panels provided with each bag. Designed to accommodate any standard 13 in. x 13 in. milk crate, it includes two rod holders with drainage holes, a lined storage compartment with a sturdy zipper, as well as several compartments for your tools. Buckles to secure your fishing bag to your kayak are also included, as are reflective logos and a padded and removable shoulder strap. This fishing bag is both UV and salt water-resistant, allowing you to fish with peace of mind.

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