Flow 106 paddle board
Flow 106 paddle board
Flow 106 paddle board
Flow 106 paddle board
Flow 106 paddle board
Flow 106 paddle board

Flow 106 paddle board

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The FLOW 106 paddle board has been thoughtfully designed for superior stability, comfort and reliability. This SUP features an anti-slip cushioned deck pad for secure footing, integrated rail ramps for better leverage and balance, bottom grooves for increased tracking, a 5-inch flexible rubber fin, a bungee cord to strap down your gear and carrying handles. Built with our impact-resistant RAM-X™ material, this stand up paddle board is destined to endure many years of paddling adventures to come.FA10,230

Functionalities & Materials

Durable: Our patented RAM-X™ material is known for its high-impact resistance and will make your paddle board last through time.

Stable: This stand up paddle board is designed with a wide deck and higher volume to provide superior stability and balance while standing. It also features bottom grooves for increased tracking and integrated rail ramps for better leverage and balance. This 10 ft 6 in SUP holds a maximum capacity of 230 lb.

Comfortable: The anti-slip cushioned deck pad provides comfort and a more secure footing.

Storage: This paddle board includes a front storage platform with a bungee cord to secure your personal items before hitting the water.

Easy Transportation: With its four carrying handles and additional inset center carrying handle, you'll be able to carry your board easily.

Material: Polyethylene


Platform: FA10
Max weight: 230 lb - 104.33 kg
Length: 126 in - 320.04 cm
Height: 6 in - 15.24 cm
Width: 32 in - 81.28 cm
Weight: 46 lb - 20.87 kg

Our Flow 106 comes full equiped with more than 5 parts that could be replaced if needed.

Part Description Part Number
1. 21/32 in. (1.65 cm) drain plug PS1399
2. 5 in. (12.7 cm) flexible rubber fin (Available soon) PS1367
3. 38 in. (97 cm) bungee cords PS1618
4. Anti-slip cushioned deck pad PS1366
5. Carrying handles PS1365

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