Kayak - Kayak Catch 110 HDII - Pelican
Kayak - Kayak Catch 110 HDII - Pelican
Kayak - Kayak Catch 110 HDII - Pelican

Kayak Catch 110 HDII

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Made of our patented RAM-X™ PREMIUM material, THE CATCH 110 HDII brings pedal drive technology within reach on this 10’6" rudder controlled fishing kayak. Weighing only 67 lb, it is easy to transport and particularly suitable for paddlers between 5’ and 6’4". The HyDryve II pedal system makes it easy to maneuver in shallow water or around aquatic plants and you will be able to cover long distances without getting tired using the power of your legs. This fishing kayak also comes packed with convenient features you’ll love such as multiple flush mount rod holders, bottle and tackle box holders, an accessory eyelet, an 8-inch day hatch with storage bag and two tank wells for easy storage.KR11,350


Platform: KR11
Max weight: 350 lb - 158.76 kg
Length: 126 in - 320.04 cm
Height: 13 in - 33.02 cm
Width: 34 in - 86.36 cm
Weight: 67 lb - 30.39 kg

Our Catch 110 HDII comes full equiped with more than 29 parts that could be replaced if needed.

Part Description Part Number
1. 11/16 in. (1.75 cm) drain plug PS0145-2
2. Rigid carrying handles G2 PS1736
3. ERGOCAST G2™ seating system PS1733
4. 88 in. (224 cm) bungee cord PS1843
5. 142 in. (361 cm) bungee cord PS1599
6. 8 in. day hatch with storage bag PS0411
7. Paddle tie-down PS1511
8. Flush mount rod holder PS0649-2 (Available Soon)
9. 8 in. (20.3 cm) rigging tracks PS3048
10. 4 in. (10.2 cm) rigging tracks PS3047
11. Accessory eyelet PS1210
12. Elastic bungee cords 24 in. (61 cm) Bottle holder PS1593
13. Pedal drive HYDRYVE II™ PS1846-2
14. Pedal drive HYDRYVE II™ Hardware Kit PS1830
15. Screw long pedal HYDRYVE II™ PS0005
16. HYDRYVE II™ Housing - Top PS1847
17. HYDRYVE II™ Housing - Bottom PS1848
18. Pedal arm of the pedal drive HYDRYVE II™ PS1875
19. Mecanism of the pedal drive HYDRYVE II™ PS1849-2
20. Fin of the pedal drive HYDRYVE II™ PS1876-2
21. Pedal of the pedal drive HYDRYVE II™ PS1874
22. HYDRYVE II™ Fin rods PS1930-2
23. Rudder PS1880
24. Rudder cable PS1841
25. Rudder Transition supports PS1871
26. Rudder control PS1842
27. Seat strap PS1510
28. Seat system lateral strap PS1340
29. ERGOCAST G2™ End Caps PS1885

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