Ultimate 80X Kayak
Ultimate 80X Kayak
Ultimate 80X Kayak

Ultimate 80X Kayak

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The ULTIMATE 80X recreational kayak is versatile, fun and ideal for paddlers looking for a stable and relaxing experience on lakes, slow moving rivers and calm waters. All of our boats have been thoughtfully designed with the most convenient and comfortable features to suit each paddler’s specific needs. The outdoors is now within your reach with the perfect boat waiting for you.KV08,225

Functionalities & Materials

Stable: The Twin-arched Multi Chine Hull offers excellent stability giving you a secure and steady ride. It also makes it incredibly easy to get in and out of the kayak.

Safe: Added floating blocks on each side of the kayak along with a flatter hull type ensures you safety and peace of mind during your ride. Holds a maximum capacity of 225 lb.

Lightweight: Our kayaks being made with exceptionally durable high molecular density polyethylene, less material is needed to produce each boat. At 8 ft and weighing only 34 lb, it's the perfect kayak for those looking for easy storage and transportation.

Resistant: Our patented Ram-X material is known for its high resistance to impacts and will make your kayak last through time.

Comfortable: Paddle in comfort with an adjustable Ergoform padded backrest with seat cushion.

Material: Polyethylene


Platform: KV08
Max weight: 225 lb - 102.06 kg
Length: 100 in - 254.0 cm
Height: 12 in - 30.48 cm
Width: 29.5 in - 74.93 cm
Weight: 34 lb - 15.42 kg

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