Ergocast G2 seating system™

Ergocast G2 seating system™

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The ERGOCAST G2 is probably one of the most comfortable fishing kayak chairs out there. It includes well thought out features that make everything just a bit easier and a whole lot more comfortable. Elastic bands on the seat provide an ultra convenient place to store your cutters and pliers. Not to mention the convenient pocket allows you to keep a few other tools readily available. There is a space on the back that allows you to insert additional lumbar support and a very handy storage pocket on the back of the seat that fits a tackle box like a glove. The seat can be made firmer or softer by adjusting the straps underneath. Adjustable side straps allow you to quickly adjust the angle of your backrest as you are on the water. Once you've gotten where you going you can flip the seat back to give you much more standing room. And if you have either a Catch 100 or 120 series then this seat can be raised or lowered into its Hi-Lo position.


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