Accessories - SUP and kayak tie-down cargo strap 4.6 m (15&

SUP and kayak tie-down cargo strap 4.6 m (15')

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Not sure which straps are best to use when transporting your kayak or paddle board? You will have peace of mind using Pelican's SUP and kayak tie-down strap. It is made with high-strength polypropylene webbing and has an integrated velcro loop to make storage easy. When properly installed, the strap allows you to safely secure your kayak or SUP to your car.,

Functionalities & Materials

Strong And High Capacity: The tie-down cargo strap is made with high-strength polypropylene webbing to help secure loads of up to 500 lb (227 kg). When properly installed, the straps allow you to securely fasten your kayak while decreasing the risk of over-tightening.

Durable: This 15 ft. long and 1 in. wide strap is made with a UV resistant material that will prevent fading and sun related damage. It also come with a metal locking buckle system resistant to corrosion.

Convenient: Made with rubber integrated in the buckle, this strap will secure your kayaks or boards on your car without worrying about the buckle dropping, breaking a window or scratching your car paint.The velcro holding system will ensure easy storage.

Material: Polypropylene


Length: 180 in - 457.2 cm
Height: 0.75 in - 1.91 cm
Width: 1.25 in - 3.18 cm
Weight: 0.3 lb - 0.14 kg


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