Sled - Nomad 40 sled - Pelican
Sled - Nomad 40 sled - Pelican
Sled - Nomad 40 sled - Pelican
Sled - Nomad 40 sled - Pelican

Nomad 40 sled

SKU: LFT40PC06-00

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The NOMAD 40 utility sled will have you up at dawn to get going! It is made of rugged high-density polyethylene to withstand even the harshest conditions. This utility sled is designed with higher walls and side ropes to better secure your gear. You can also use it as a toboggan for your little ones.LFT40,90

Functionalities & Materials

Multi-Purpose Sled: This toboggan sled is ideal for hauling gear or for your kids to be sliding down the slopes during winter. It can resist the toughest conditions, so there's nothing to challenge your sled.

Capacity And Durability: The NOMAD 40 snow sled has a volume of 44 L and can carry up to 90 lb (41 kg). It is made of a heavy duty RAM-X. Its high density construction provides excellent shock resistance.

Included Accessories: This toboggan sled comes with a pull rope making it easier to transport and side ropes for cargo attachment.

Convenient: This convenient sled is built with pre-molded high-density polyethylene (HDPE) runners that also facilitate tracking and extend the sled's life. These runners are directly built-in with the mold of the hull.

Dimension: The NOMAD 40 snow sled is 40 in. long (102 cm), 22.5 in. wide (57 cm) and has a height of 7 in. (18 cm). It weighs 4.6 lb (2.1 kg).

Warranty: In order to offer you defect-free products, Pelican commits to repair or replace the sled's hull if it fails within 60 days of the date of purchase. All accessories pre-assembled on your product are guaranteed for 1 year.

Material: Polyethylene


Platform: LFT40
Max weight: 90 lb - 40.82 kg
Length: 40 in - 101.6 cm
Height: 7 in - 17.78 cm
Width: 22.5 in - 57.15 cm
Weight: 4.6 lb - 2.09 kg

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